Yanagawa Rikka is a student from Armeria—a school where only 30 students are attending. Little did Yanagawa realized that she was actually the chosen one by God to protect the world from the almighty, God of the Death. Edit

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Rikka is a kind person who thinks of others before herself which often leads her into dangerous situations. She is very accepting of others, having allowed the squirrel god to dwell in her despite being a level 1 god with little war potential.

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When she was a child she had become trapped in her burning home calling for help when a god showed up and saved her life. Since then she has looked up to the gods and wants to return all the gods to their true selves in hopes that she can repay them.

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Hiba Chiaki Edit

Though their relationship is still new, they seem to show mutual interest. Made especially obvious on Rikka's part. In the first few chapters, Rikka fell in love with love him at first sight after he rescued her and a child from a god that had turned evil. When Hiba enrolled in Armeria, the two have gradually gotten much closer. After various incidents Hiba eventually confesses to Rikka. They become a couple in the last few chapters of the story.


He is the god the of rebirth. Kissu is a level 10 god who chose to dwell in Rikka after she purifies him after he became an evil god. He calls Rikka: "princess" and has sworn to protect her. Kissu seems to hold deep afections for Rikka and treats her as his most precious person. Even going so far as to introduce her to the God of Sweets, knowing that Rikka loved to make them. His loyalty is absolute and he never goes against a choice Rikka makes backing her actions to the very end even when others tell him that she is putting herself in danger. It was stated that no other pair understood eachother as well as Kissu and Rikka do, claming that they are a perfect match